5 best ‘Deals Of The Day’ picked by List for Life

It’s money month over on List for Life. Whether you’re spending, saving or splurging (payday is on the horizon people!) we’ve got the hacks and tips that you need. Throughout April we will be treating you to a handily collated list of deals for your spending pleasure!

Today we’ve got a great selection whether you’re looking for a cocktail masterclass at London’s coolest bar, a relaxing full body massage for ridiculously cheap, a lovely teatime for a lovely price the best River Thames tour you you didn’t realise you could afford and a temporary fitness membership for a price you won’t believe.

Check out our top five Deals Of The Day below!

1. Spirited Sermon cocktail masterclass – £15

With summer just around the corner, sharpen your knowledge of liquor with this masterclass from the honourable Reverend JW Simpson. Not just a drinking experience, this 2 hour and reasonably priced session includes three cocktails and, probably, a wobbly walk home.

2. Full body massage – £19

If you’re feeling the pressures of work and haven’t jumped into the alleviation of massages, this is your chance. You might feel weird about it at first, but this deal from CA Medical by Kings Cross Station is too good to pass up. A 30 minute consultation and massage for under £20?! Count us in.

3. Afternoon tea and cocktails at Crowne Plaza – £29

Previously £70, this Voltaire afternoon tea for two is a great idea for a present or to split with someone. Accompanied with three mini cocktails, this could be a great activity before going to the theatre. It’s located just off New Bridge Street in London.

4. River Thames sightseeing tour – £22

A 50% discount on seeing London like never before. Sure, you’ve done the tourist spots of London a hundred times but you’ve probably never seen them from the Thames perspective. An added bonus is that you can disembark and jump back on the vessel at any of the ports.

5. 80% off gym passes at Move GB – £10

A deal that can’t be missed! Previously £120, you can currently purchase 10 gym passes across multiple locations at Move GB. That’s £1 a visit and should last you a few weeks depending on how often you visit.