4 WEIRD reasons you might pay more on car insurance

Welcome to car ownership, it’s a hell of a ride. As a kid I always thought cars were a, relatively, cheap mode of transportation. Discarded Fiats would be plastered in £700 price tags which, for a piece of engineering, isn’t a bad deal.

Now that I’m older, wiser and more cynical I realise that car insurance is actually the biggest gauger out there right now.

Your car insurance quote isn’t just based on the type of car you’re driving and how many foxes you’ve killed on the motorway – there’s so many other factors that the companies consider before handing you a ridiculous bill every year.

1. Single and ready to mingle (also pay more for car insurance)

Apparently, Lifehacker reports, major car insurance providers charge more for customers who are single, separated or divorce – they even have the gaul to charge widowed drivers more. Supposedly married people drive “more responsibly” so much that this type of pricing is common practice all over the world.

2. Rent out of of shape

Renters get away from paying property tax and maintenance fees however they will get rinsed by car insurers. Basically, in the UK, everyone rents until they’re 30+ so enjoy paying silly excesses just because you can’t afford to own a property right now.

3. Loyalty means nothing 

Price optimisation is a practice used by quite a few insurers meaning that people on the hunt for a good deal every year will usually find it and loyal customers will be charged more. Basically, if the company sees that you’re sticking around, “they’ll take the risk of hiking up your premium, because you’re not likely to leave”.

4.You, me and a degree

Your educational background follows you everywhere in life, even your car insurance prices. In the US, you’re paying roughly 20% more without a degree because of a loose correlation between education and car accidents – sounds like a load of rubbish to me!