5 ways to travel around the world for FREE

Stuck in an office dreaming of far off lands? Imagining the soft sand of a tropical paradise between your toes? Wanting to jump on a plane and escape to…anywhere else? 

Lack of money is probably holding you back though, right? We all feel short of funds to get to our dream destinations. But don’t worry. Here are four ways to travel the world for FREE.

1. What hotel?

You don’t need to pay big money for expensive hotels. You can actually get free accommodation all over the world without spending a penny. Why not house sit for free with Mind My House, stay on someone’s sofa or even house swap for a few weeks?

2. Volunteer


Image Credit: Instagram @cestgassiat

Doing your bit to help people/the planet but ALSO getting to travel the world for free…What could be better? You could work for the UN as they place volunteers all around the world or Wwoofing, a company that organises for you to stay for free in loads of different countries if you contribute by doing some farming work.

3. Fly for free

The flights are most likely going to be the priciest part of your trip abroad. Yet there are ways to get to fly for free. You could collect air miles. Do this by getting a credit card which offers them as spending rewards. You could get bumped. Airlines often over-fill flights with too many booked passengers so if there is an opportunity to get moved onto a different flight – take it. Most airlines will give you vouchers to use on future flights.

4. Teach

hands together

Image Credit: Instagram @anna_delmedico

Ok this one isn’t a holiday; you’ll still be working, but at least you’ll be working somewhere new and exciting! You’ll also be doing something incredible and making a whole lot of difference to many young people. Use your weekends and holidays to explore your new country and neighbouring nations. There are many ways to get involved in teaching abroad, but a great place to start is the British Council.

5. Explore the unordinary 

There are loads of cool activities you can do which you can get paid for. Organise a travel group, work as an English tutor in a school, or work on a cruise ship as an entertainer. There are loads of options out there.