4 ways to make money from your instagram

If you’re a hashtag loving Instagram fiend that can think of nothing better than posting pictures all day every day; then you might want to take a look at making some money out of your mobile photography obsession.

Yup, there are actually ways to make this dream a reality, and we’ve rustled up the top four into a handy list.

Take a look, and who knows, maybe you’ve got what it takes to become the next big Instagram sensation. Just bear in mind, you don’t want to end up like this former internet photobomb.

1. Takumi

If you fancy making some cash from your snaps, new app Takumi represents an easy way in. Takumi promises to hook up Instagram users with brands looking for internet promotion. You can scope out the offers you like, sign up and the free iOS app promises a minimum fee of £40 per photo, as long as you have 1,000 followers. That seems quite a lot to us but if you’ve got the following what’s not to like!

2. #SquadGoals

The easiest way to build a following on everyone’s favourite photo platform is to join a multi-level marketing company and develop together on a team. There are countless Insta-teams looking for new recruits with the right kind of brand and attitude. So if you reckon you’ve got what it takes, do some investigating and commit! Mindy Wender of Team Beachbody is a popular starting point if you’re fitness focused, but there are loads of others to choose from.

3. The Mobile Media Lab

If you’ve got the followers and engagement base down already then MML is your ticket to the big time. A creative agency geared to bringing influential Instagram users and advertisers together, Mobile Media Lab‘s chosen few earn literally thousands of pounds per post. Obviously you need a significant following, but if you’re an Instagram addict you may already have that.

4. Sell those snaps

If you’re not interested in the advertising side of Instagram, and consider your pictures to be of a high standard photographically, then why not sell them to companies interested in using them for their own projects.Online marketplace Foap (app available for iPhone and Android) lets you do just that. Sign up for free and browse through the ‘Missions’ section for possible clients. It’s easy and there’s no committment if you don’t want to. What could go wrong?

Now what?