The Latest Mirror-Selfie Trend Is Causing A Lot Of Cracked Phones

Whirr up the selfie klaxon because Twitter has once again upped the ante. The mirror selfie was, until now, considered an old school method of capturing a self-portrait but it’s going through a renaissance at the expense of your phones.

Before you get all up on a high horse about the dangers of narcissism, remember, it’s been proven that taking regular selfies makes you a happier person with more confidence in yourself and more appreciation for other people.

Now, let’s talk about all these weirdos doing hands-free mirror selfies…

Look at this joker! So the newest trend of selfie taking is so new that, to the best of my thorough Twitter search, it doesn’t even have an official name yet. I would go with “Handsfree Selfie” because it sort of rhymes but that’s pretty terrible.

The game is throw your phone in the air to high-five yourself and take a picture. The hard bit is getting as clear a shot as humanly possible which is, by looking at the results, easier said than done.

A few people have managed to get some clarity on the floating phone but the blurriness of the rest of the pic lets them down.

This one below is the closest thing to perfection but the pose is more repenting monk than ecstatic high-fiver so it’s still only a 7/10.

Most people are achieving this picture by setting a timer on their phones and then letting go of it quickly, striking a pose and hoping the picture takes.

Some people have been playing the game on expert mode by tossing their phone up in the air as they press the capture button – pretty hardcore.

As you can imagine, a lot of phone screens are being cracked…

The originator of the shot, Seth Schneider (seen above), has even changed his Twitter bio to: “I am not responsible for broken phones”.

The gauntlet has been thrown down, it’s just a matter of who can take the most ambitious version…