Mince Pies Are Already Being Spotted In Supermarkets And It’s Causing *Outrage*

Is there no better symbol for Christmastime than the humble mince pie? That’s right, it’s barely September and we’re talking about Christmas. This is 2016 where holidays are 11 months long and no one really knows why!

A warm mince pie with cream is relished as the taste of everyone’s favourite holiday. What makes it special isn’t the crust or filling but the significance of why you’re eating one. It makes no sense to eat it anytime else… and yet….

mince pies

Look how bloody Christmassy that looks?! Typically, Christmas has come too early this year with people spotting mince pies on the supermarket shelves already?!

But here’s the weird thing: everyone is, understandably, furious about this early stocking (sorry, not sorry) but someone must be buying mince pies this early.

Generally, businesses work on a supply the demand basis which means that there are people buying enough pies at this time of the year to warrant such a sacrilege of the most holy holiday – you follow?

Co-Op seem to be the primary culprits but reports have surfaced of Sainsburys joining in with dragging Crimbo through the mud.

Either way, everyone on Twitter was understandably furious. Mashable took a big handful of tweets from angry Brits expressing their disgusts with commercial Britain. Here are some more highlights.

These tweets are in the range between mildly ticked off to hyperbolic but not over the top. People on Twitter are naturally more prone to getting worked up over nothing but some people, well, some people obviously know something sinister about mince pies that we don’t…

Can someone confirm that she’s going to be alright? Anyone? God help us, god help Christmas.