Six Struggles Only People With Messy Desks Will Understand

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”. Albert Einstein said that and he was much smarter than all those people in your life telling you to clean up your messy desks. Nobody wants to be a messy person, it just kind of happens. You should take pride in the way you live your life and combat those disapproving looks you get when someone sees your floordrobe for the first time.

But life as a messy person isn’t perfect. Sure, you don’t have to conform to the convention of ‘tidiness’ and ‘organisation’ but there are some annoyances that are inherent to the lifestyle…

1. Listening to people inject themselves into your desk

“I don’t know if I could work in that mess”, parrot your co-workers passive-aggressively examine your work space. How about we all mind our own business? That’s a fun game. As long as your mess doesn’t spread onto other people’s space, there shouldn’t be a problem.

2. Moving desks forces you to do the clean of shame

In this modern office environment, people swap desks all the time. As companies grow and shrink, hot-desking and relocations are par for the course. There’s nothing worse then having to face the reality of tidying your desk while everyone spends five minutes putting their odds and ends into one box and you’re asking for another bin bag to get rid of some prehistoric PRET biscuits.

3. People think you’re homeless

Having spare shoes, socks, a coat, a tube of toothpaste and a full make-up bag under your desk only slightly suggests that you sleep in the office when everybody goes home…

messy desks

Image credit: Instagram

4. Pens fall into the wormhole under your desk

Once a pen hits the ground it’s as good as lost. When people ask if you have a spare pen you can honestly tell them: “I do, I just can’t get to it right now”.

5. You send out a mini-search party any time you lose something important

Similarly, if you need an important document to hand, you have to deconstruct your desk piece by piece to find it. It’s probably worth keeping a head-torch around in case there’s a full-blown A4 avalanche.

6. Wasted time

Think about all the time in the day you spend trying to find stuff on and around your desk instead of actually doing the work you need that thing for… it might be frighteningly high.