These Are The Names Of The Men Most Likely To Become Fathers In 2018

Is your man on the list?

Last week, we learned the names of the women most likely to have a baby in 2018.

It’s kinda scientific, but obvs isn’t exactly legally binding. Anyway, we now know the men who these ladies are apparently starting families with.

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These were discovered in the same way the girls’ names were. The average age men become fathers in the UK is 33, so OK! researched the most popular baby boy names from 1984 and 1985.

Lucy and James have already been taking plenty of cute day trips this summer...

James Dunmore’s name is second on the list…

Ready? Here they are…

1. Christopher

2. James

3. David

4. Daniel

5. Michael

6. Matthew

7. Andrew

8. Richard

9. Paul

10. Mark

11. Thomas

12. Adam

13. Robert

14. John

15. Lee

16. Benjamin

17. Steven

18. Jonathan

19. Craig

20. Stephen

For the record, here are the women most likely to announce their pregnancies…

1. Emma

2. Laura

3. Sarah

4. Stephanie

5. Kirsty

6. Claire

7. Nicola

8. Jennifer

9. Stacey

10. Lauren

11. Lisa

12. Danielle

13. Rachel

14. Rebecca

15. Natalie

16. Amy

17. Louise

18. Samantha

19. Ashley

20. Gemma

Good luck Christophers and Emmas, eh?