The Mediterranean Diet That Is *Literally* Saving Lives

This headline in inherently hyperbolic but clickbait this is not… this diet will literally save lives. There’s a lot to be said for a balanced lifestyle for plenty of exercise, however, even changing your diet to a tiny bit more Mediterranean will make a world of difference.

All this hype has come from a new study conducted in Norfolk that suggest that a full-scale implementing of the Mediterranean diet could save nearly 20,000 lives a year… wow!

If you didn’t know, Mediterranean food has always been lauded for its health benefits. This study sought to find out how the general health of the UK would improve if we adopted this style of eating because, to be honest, we’re not doing very well right now.

After examining the eating habits of nearly two decades, researches found that 12.5% of heart attack and stoke-related deaths could have been avoided by dietary changes. That’s roughly 19,000 people!


But you might be thinking: “The threat of death still isn’t enough to stop my love for terrible food” and that’s okay! In fact, the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid allows for sweets, meats and wine (the three real food groups).

Veggies and fruit do make up the Mediterranean diet, sure, but it’s hardly a fad diet…

The pyramid is constructed with hidden scores attached to each food family. The healthiest you can be is incorporating 15 Med elements. Suffice to say, the participants weren’t getting their 15-a-day.

It’s not like the diet requires any major changes. Carbs are a healthy part of the balance as are herbs and spices. Eating well doesn’t need to be painful, just think of it as taking the scenic route to healthiness.


An expert from University of Cambridge said: “Encouraging greater adoption of the Mediterranean diet looks like a promising component of a wider strategy to help prevent cardiovascular disease”.