This Map Of The London Tube Is The Fitness Commuter’s Dream

Have you ever got on a tube for a journey that you later realised you could have walked in the same amount of time? The tube is by far the quickest way to travel long distances across our fair capital but, if you’ve got the time, walking or cycling overground is a much better and enriching mode of transportation.

We’ve talked in the past of common tube journeys that are actually quicker to walk but it seems as if Transport For London have caught on with what commuters actually want: any excuse not to get into the sardine-can-cum-cylindrical-death-trap known as the tube.

With Pokemon Go still riding high, Londoners are upping their daily step counts and feeling good about it. In an attempt to get the rest of the city on the fitness wagon, Transport for London have released an official tube map showing the number of steps between stations in zones one and two.


Image credit: Transport For London

Click here for the full map!

The map is a good way to see what journeys are worth doing by train or which would be quicker to do on the shoelace express. The average walking speed in the UK is about 3mph and you do about 100 steps a minute roughly, maybe a bit more if you’re working at commuter pace.

London Mayor and general good-bloke, Sadiq Khan, has said that “the new steps map will encourage more of us to walk these short journeys instead – it’s good for our health and it will help support London’s small businesses”. Everybody wins by the sounds of it!