How To Make Friends Easily Even If You Work From Home

Working remotely is super popular now. Desk space is limited in the majority of offices and with rent prices shooting through the roof, it just makes more sense to work from home if you can. There are loads of benefits of working from home but it can get a bit like solitary confinement after a while.

Cutting a commute and pointless meetings out of your day can create a much better work/life balance but the lines between work and home become increasingly blurred the more you get used to working from home… not to mention how lonely it can get.


It’d be easy to say, “if you’re lonely, get a cat”. There you are, problem solved. See you later, have a nice weekend!

However, there’s no substitute to working with living breathing humans and making new friends can be tough when you’re tied to your home desk for eight hours of the day!


Even if you’ve confided to your home everyday, here are some ways you can still make new friends!

Blind dates

We’ve investigated how to err on the side of caution during blind dates but if you have no means of meeting new guys in the daytime, getting your friends to set you up might be your best bet. This doesn’t necessarily mean with a guy, you can get invited to a group hang and find new friends that way, even if you’re going in blind!

Join a club

When the clock strikes five it’s probably a good idea you actually leave your house. Instead of seeing the same people you always see, join a club or gym. The best way to make new friends is by participating in fun activities with strangers because they start to associate the feeling of fun with spending time with you. It’s the same reason theme parks are the best first dates because the sense of extreme excitement starts to become associated with the other person.


Social media (the right way)

Instead of using the internet to keep in contact with your already existent friends, use it to make new ones. Join forums, chat to colleagues on Slack and generally use the greatest communication tool ever invented to, you know, communicate.