6 Tips For The Perfect First Kiss

Make sure that all-important romantic moment is one to remember...

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The start of a new relationship is one of the most exciting things in the world. You get that fuzzy feeling in your stomach whenever you hear their name, a simple bleep of a text can give you butterflies, and every love song on the radio reminds you of them.

But it’s also a pretty nerve-wracking time – especially when it comes to that long-awaited first kiss. We’ve all seen film characters enjoying seemingly perfect smooches (we’re looking at you, The Notebook), and dreamed of one day having one for real.

Of course, life isn’t always like the movies. But we’ve got a few tips to help make sure the first time you lock lips is Oscar-worthy…

Romeo + Juliet

1. Choose a romantic location

You never really know when that all-important kiss is going to happen, but if you think it’s imminent, try to plan a scenic date.

We’re thinking a picnic in the park, a stroll on the beach or a twilight outdoor film screening.

2. Make sure you’ve brushed your teeth…

This is probably the most important tip of all, because being able to taste someone’s lunch can really take your mind off a heart-skipping moment.

Luckily, it’s easy to ensure your breath is minty fresh. Simply brush before you leave the house, and use floss and mouthwash for an extra-clean feel.


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3. …and avoid super-stinky foods

We all love roast chicken crisps and fishcakes, but unfortunately, they’re not so great for your partner.

Once again, it’s time to get brushing!

4. A cheeky bite isn’t always as sexy as you’d think

It’s always fun to mix things up, but sometimes taking a risk can have some LOLz (and awkward) consequences. For your first smooch, it tends to be best to take things back to basics.

Anyway, you’ll be too wrapped up in each other (figuratively and literally 😉) to try to be too clever.

5. Don’t go overboard with the tongue

Okay, we know you’re totally into this person. But while you’re pashing, try not to get too passionate.

We’ve all heard of the washing machine, right? Nobody wants to be the washing machine.

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The Notebook

6. Enjoy yourself!

You wouldn’t be kissing this person if you didn’t really fancy them, so there’s obviously a major spark between you.

With that in mind, our final piece of advice is to just relax and let things happen naturally.

Happy kissing, people!