13 Things You’ll Know If You Went To School In The UK

Soz Jamie Oliver, but we still haven't forgiven you for taking away our Turkey Twizzlers...

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It seems as though pretty much everyone had the same experiences growing up in UK primary and secondary schools.

1. The school disco was a definite highlight

2. CGP Revision Guides

What a life-saver.

We don’t know how we would have ever made it through all of those exams without this handy guide. And there was always that one person in class who memorised the pages word-for-word.


3. Channeling your inner Buffy with these ’90s staples 

And having to painstakingly remove them before P.E.

4. If you had a packed lunch, you wanted school dinners…

…But if you had a school dinner, you’d envy your mate with the crisps and the Kit Kat.

5. Bunsen burners

There was always one class that set something on fire. And every other class in the school heard about it.

Now we think about it, why were we allowed to play with fire anyway?!

6. Uniform rules

No, we’re not suddenly praising the itchy skirt and cardigan combo (we haven’t sold out that much).

We’re talking about all of the uniform rules that were destined to be broken.

Skirt below the knee and top buttons done up? Only Year 7 paid attention.

7. The central heating almost never worked

And when a snow day hit, the ‘I swear it’s illegal for us to be in school under a certain temperature’ rumour always circulated.

Really, we just wanted to throw snowballs.

8. The dreamiest welcome to a classroom 

Image: Tumblr

You know what we’re talking about.

9. You’d only shop at Tammy Girl 

And possibly Claire’s Accessories.

10. MSN usernames 

‘I <3 ???’ is a personal favourite.

Oh, and did anyone else sign in and out again if their crush didn’t start a convo as soon as they’d logged on?

Me neither.

11. THE rumour 

12. Starting your career early

13. Oh, Jamie… 

The world is still not over it.