13 Things You And Your Girls Definitely Did When You Were Teenagers

Because nothing makes us giggle quite like some nostalgia...

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1. Sleepovers 

These consisted of Pizza Hut takeaways and the latest scary film from Blockbusters. And let’s never forget how fun it was to have everyone piled into one room on makeshift camp beds and sleeping bags.

You probably stayed up all night talking about who you fancied and crowding around the computer to go on MSN together – before your mum came downstairs for the umpteenth time to tell you to be quiet.

2. Lock yourself in your bedroom to perfect that dance routine

Come on, everyone had their dream Spice Girl.

And the majority of us didn’t get our first choice…

3. You’d spend ages filling out best friend quizzes on MySpace or Facebook 

Because if you didn’t do it and pass it on, you’d get 10 years of bad luck and a scary clown photo would take over your computer screen…

4. You’d go on a group pilgrimage to get your ears pierced at Claire’s Accessories

And if you were really cool, you’d get your second holes done at the same time as your first.

5. Your weekends consisted of hanging out at the local shopping centre 

We’re pretty sure you’d meet at the same spot, at the same time, every Saturday.

And if you spotted someone fit, you’d send your best friend over to say: ‘My friend fancies you…’

6. You’d spend hours on the phone each evening to your bestie 

Because, somehow, you’d still have sooo much to talk about, even after spending all day at school together.

7. And, of course, this would lead to rows with the ‘rents

If they dared to use the phone when you had an MSN date, there’d be tears and tantrums.

8. Text messages cost 10p

And you’d have to cram as many characters as possible into one message to avoid paying more.

9. You would aspire to be like the kids on Skins 

But nobody was ever that hardcore.

10. Egg and flour fights

The ‘last day at Primary School’ ritual that spread around the UK.

11. You’d argue with your BFFs about their placement in your Top Friends on MySpace

But it would only last a day, and you’d pinky promise never to fall out again.

12. Heading on a night out and taking a REAL LIFE camera with you 

Weird to remember life before iPhones, right?!

13. Writing lengthy and emotional goodbyes in a notepad on the last day in Sixth Form college

Even though you knew you were going to be friends for life.