How To Make Your Teeth Look Whiter And Brighter Naturally

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Everyone wants a picture perfect smile. But not everyone wants to go to drastic measures involving harsh teeth whitening treatments or dental work. And hey – guess what, there’s no need to! Because we’ve rounded up the best, natural ways you can get the most outta your cheesy grin – revealing brighter, whiter teeth – the natural way.

Wear A Blue Toned Lipstick

Cool toned lipsticks that have undertones of blue tend to make teeth look way brighter and whiter. This is because cool blue tones cancel out warmer orange and yellow shades on the colour scale. The good news? MAC’s Ruby Woo, £19.50 is the perfect red shade for showing off pearly whites, thanks to its cool undertones. Not a fan of red? Reach for a lipgloss with a blue hue to make any lipstick tooth friendly!

Use A Charcoal Toothpaste

The buzziest beauty ingredient of the moment? Charcoal! And although it’s black colour might not look tooth-whitening friendly – trust us, it is! Because of charcoal’s natural ability and drawing out impurities makes it the perfect super natural tooth whitener. For a dental-friendly toothpaste you can trust, we like Pearl Drops Instant Natural White Charcoal Toothpaste, £6.50

Time To Tan

Ever noticed your teeth look way whiter and brighter after you’ve been on holiday? Yup, you can thank that face tan for that! Having a slightly warmer complexion allows your teeth to shine brighter. But don’t risk sun damage – fake it. We love Charlotte Tilbury’s Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask, £38

Oil Pulling

Yep, it’s yet ANOTHER use for coconut oil! Oil pulling has been gaining popularity with celebs and muggle-folk alike in recent years. Never heard of it? It’s essentially the process of swirling coconut oil around in your mouth for a couple of minutes a day – before spitting it out! The coconut oil is thought to draw out stains and is great for all around dental hygiene.

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