Revealed: What Your Smile Says About You

Turns out you can tell a lot about someone, by just looking at their grin…

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Did you know that your smile can actually say a lot about who you are as a person?! From personality traits like perfectionism to how trustworthy you are, here’s what your smile says about you…

If You’ve Got A… Gap-Tooth

In many cultures a gap tooth is seen as a sign of fertility and sensuality. Ever since the middle ages, gaps in the front of women’s teeth has been associated with attractiveness – with some people nowadays even turning to cosmetic dentistry to create a gap!

If You’ve Got… Fangs

If your canine teeth appear quite …‘fangy’ (yes that’s a word) it could suggest dominance in social situations. Apparently fanged teeth were a sign of dominant humans right back in caveman times, and science says that it’s still a trait prevalent today!

If You’ve Got… Sparkly White Teeth

a) jealous and b) you might be somewhat of a perfectionist. Yup, apparently a mouth full of pearly whites is a strong sign that someone pays close attention to their appearance (and general dental health, we say!)

If You’ve Got A… Gummy Smile

If your gums are exposed when you smile, this could be a sign of trustworthiness! The idea is that gummy smiles often give a childlike, innocent expression – which in turn, makes people trust you!