5 Mood-Boosting Tips To Try Now

Because a smile a day keeps the doctor away...

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When it comes to feeling happy, we’re a positive bunch here at Look. But if you are having one of <those> days, here’s some quick tips to lift your spirits and leave you smiling:

  1. Colour Yourself Happy

Black might be your outfit default setting but a brightly coloured ensemble will instantly make you feel a million times better – seriously, it’s been proven that primary colours have a direct effect on your mood. Because fashion makes everything more bearable, duh.

  1. Cook Up A Storm

Skip the takeaway tonight because creating meals from scratch has been shown to give you sense of achievement and will help you on your way. Add in superfoods like spinach and Brazil nuts (which contain brain-boosting selenium) and you’ll be full of positive energy.

Listening to music has proven positive effects

  1. Make A Feel-Good Playlist

A 2016 study revealed that listening to fast-tempo songs can lower anxiety and increase self-esteem. You know what that means? Dancing around your house with Taylor Swift on volume 10 is good for you. Sorry neighbours.

  1. Get Some Shut-Eye

Ok, it might sound odd when you’re trying your best to be motivated but, the amount of sleep you get is so important. One study concluded a power nap is the equivalent to drinking a cup of coffee. Turning your phone off an hour before bedtime will also help avoid insomnia and restless sleep, which in turn can leave you feeling low the next day.

  1. Gym It

Whether you’re an avid gym bunny or consider taking the stairs instead of the escalator your main source of exercise, working out will set you on the path to a happier you. Even undertaking a few squads in your front room will flood your body with endorphins. Try doing 10 minutes every morning before work.

And, last but not least, we couldn’t go without mentioning shopping. Here are our favourite happy buys:

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