Feel-Good Beauty Buys To Boost Your Mood

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face

Whether you’re having a stressful moment or a full-on nightmare day, there are all times where we could do with a mood-booster now and again. And while these beauty buys might not change your luck – they are guaranteed to chill you out and put a smile back on your face…

Mood-Boosting Beauty Buys


Perfect for stressful moments when you’re out and about (hello, work commute!) rub one of these on your pulse points and breathe in deeply for an instant stress soother and mood-booster.

ESPA Restorative Balm, £15

This Works Stress Check Breathe In, £16

Primark PS Energising Spray, £1.50

In The Evening

Mindful beauty is being incorporated into our evening routines in the form of oils. With aromas that calm and quieten the mind, take a few minutes every night to take advantage of one of these essential oils…

Elemis Calm Bath & Shower Elixir, £55

Uma Pure Calm Wellness Oil, £60

Rituals Express Your Soul Body Scrub, £19.50

This Works Stress Check Face Oil, £40

At Your Desk

It’s no secret that we could all do with a bit of clarity and de-stressing at our desks sometimes! Keep one of these nearby for a midday mood booster.

Aveda Chakra 1, £30

Aromatherapy Associates Relax Candle, £38

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