When Kittens Crashed Our Office

In partnership with Pearl Drops

Nobody likes Monday mornings. Fact. Unless you’re heading off on holiday or your latest ASOS haul arrives – it’s officially the worst time of the week.

We mean, from Sunday evening blues to the dreaded commute, it’s enough to elicit pleas for a three-day weekend, every weekend.

But, as the Look team arrived at the office – grande coffee in hand, of course – for what we thought would just be another normal Monday morning, we were greeted by four teeny-tiny kittens. Yes, really.

And to say it made us all happy would be a massive understatement.

At only eight weeks old, the kittens – two ginger ones, two black and white – were literally little balls of fluff that induced an instant squeal from every Look member of staff.


We mean, they were so unbelievably cute, they would make any dog-person instantly a cat-person. And, as an office of dog-owners, we don’t say that lightly.

And after a morning of cat cuddles, not only did we have the biggest smiles on our faces, but we would argue that we were more productive too (between looking through our multiple kitten Insta stories, obvs). CEO’s listen up!

The best start to the week hands down. We’re thinking of petitioning for animal days every week. Puppy Tuesdays? Bunny Wednesdays? Chinchilla Thursdays? Ok, we’ll stop. But srsly, how good would that be?!

Well, it definitely made us smile more than our usual Monday morning meeting, that’s for sure.

With thanks to the Wood Green Animal Charity.