7 Lovely Facts About Smiling

That are guaranteed to, er, put a smile on your face

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‘Laughter is the best medicine’. You’ve heard that one before, right? But actually, smiling is just as great. Here’s why…

1) Everyone’s first facial expression is a smile

They may not be entirely sure what they’re doing, but babies pull their first grin in the womb. Can we get an: ‘Awww’?!

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2) There are 19 different types of smile

Researchers have found that we have a whole range of happy faces, ranging from the polite to the beaming.

Even the fact that scientists are looking into this makes us feel like the world is a better place.

3) Smiling will make you feel better, even if you’re in a rubbish mood

In a classic case of faking it until you make it, smiling releases mood-boosting endorphins. Interestingly, it can also lower your blood pressure. Win win all round, eh?

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4) Smiling takes way less effort than frowning

Things are about to get a tad technical, so bear with us. It takes more muscles to smile than to frown, but it’s easier to do as we’ve worked those muscles more throughout the years.

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5) You can hear a smile (kinda)

When you’re pulling a friendly face, it changes your tone of voice. Cute for long-distance phone calls with bae.

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6) If you smile, you’ll make others smile around you

Because just like laughs and yawns, smiles are contagious.

According to a Swedish study, people find it difficult to frown when they’re looking at others smiling. This is down to neurons in the brain keeping you in sync with the person you’re talking to.

Think your workmate’s looking a little miserable today? A nice chat may just cheer them up.

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7) Smiling counts as exercise

It takes 26 whole muscles to pull a smile. It may not be enough to sack off the gym altogether, but every little helps.

Happy smiling, people!