8 Cute Animal Pictures Guaranteed To Make You Smile

Because, sometimes, you just need an adorable little critter to bring out those pearly whites...

In partnership with Pearl Drops.

Looking at cute animal pictures on the internet can increase your productivity at work. Fact.

We’re not just passing on information that happens to fit in with our personal agendas, we’re actually passing on scientific (sorta) knowledge. Because, a study was conducted by a researcher for Hiroshima University, showing that cute images can lift your mood and motivation.

Yup, AS IF you needed any more of an excuse to while away your hours basking in the cuteness of puppies, kittens, pandas and the like.

Something else we’re willing to bet our bottom dollar on is the fact that, quite honestly, these furry critters will just make you smile. And who wouldn’t love that?

So in the spirit of sharing the love, we’re here to bring you some adorable animal GIFs, in partnership with Pearl Drops.

1. Let’s start off with, quite possibly, the cutest puppy on the internet.

funny dog

Which takes us nicely to the most gangster…



cat cats tired

4. “Barbara, will you tell me if my glasses suit me… Be honest…”

sheepfilms cat cats glasses nerd

5. Hedgehogs in baths.

Just, because.

water animal bath hedgehog cute animal

6. Or, you know, in a tutu.

dance animals ballet hedgehog

7. Basically, hedgehogs doing ANYTHING.

cup hedgehog

8. And last but by no means least, we had to reserve a space for Marnie the dog.

dog animals animal cute dog shih tzu

In fact, the GIF just doesn’t do her justice…

Now, show us those pearly whites.