5 Signs You And Your BFF Will Be Friends For Life

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We’d be willing to bet that nothing can bring a smile to your face quite like your BFF.

To have earned that best friend status, she’s probably kept your deepest, darkest secrets, eaten ice cream with you on your worst days and played a starring role in some of your funniest (and fondest) memories.

But how do you know that you’ve truly found the Paris to your Nicole? The Holly to your Fearne?

These are the sure-fire signs to know that you and the BFF are the real deal…

1. They’ll be there for youuuu (Friends theme tune) 

A true friend will have your back through it ALL. Going through some sort of crisis? They’ll be there to listen. Feeling down? They’ll be there to lift you up.

A best friend will drop everything to be there for when you really need them. And, sometimes, they might just turn up on your door with a bottle of wine… Just, because.

2. They’re all ears 

If they’re talking about themselves an overwhelming amount of the time; IT’S A NO FROM US.

Obviously, it works both ways, so you’ll want to listen to them every once in a while too. But let’s keep things fair, eh folks?

3. They’re always honest with you

Whether you’re asking for an opinion on a new hairdo, or introducing them to the boyfriend for the first time, a true BFF will – tactfully – tell you straight up.

What’s more, if you happen to do something to upset them, they’ll be open and address things before they become more of a “thing.”

4. It’s all about making the time 

It can be hard to find the time to fit everything in, whatever age you are – but if you’re true BFFs, you two will always make sure you find time to hook up or have a natter on the phone.

What’s more, if you haven’t been able to see each other for a while, it will still feel as though no time has past when you ARE together.

5. They bring smiles to your life 

Much like a partner, a best friend should add to your life.

If you feel happy when you’re with each other, they’re definitely your best friend forever.