7 Ways To Get Happier That Won’t Cost The Earth

Here's something to smile about

  1. Breathe

It might sound silly, breathing is something we all do constantly, it’s automatic and we don’t need to give it any thought. But breathing with thought, or conscious breathing is something we do far less often, you might have never actually done it before. Taking time out even just a few minutes in your day to sit back and breathe really deeply and copiously can have a massive impact on your mood and also your wellbeing it can help you feel less anxious and calm down your busy brain when you’re feeling overwhelmed. The beauty of breathing is you can do it anywhere, anytime. Try and fit it in just before bed and see how it makes you feel, or if you’re having a stress you day you can do it at your desk and it will help give you some clarity and bring a smile back on your face.


  1. Exercise

Working out doesn’t put a smile on your face just because you feel more confident about your body, scientifically exercise has a massive positive effect on your mood. When you workout your body releases endorphins, which are happy hormones that make you feel good. So if you’re feeling down go for a run outside, or if that seems to hard, you can even do some Pilates or yoga right in your living room at home. There’s really no excuse and I guarantee you’ll feel better than you did before.


  1. Have Some Sun

Sunshine is the answer to happiness. Well, it’s not been scientifically proven but there’s a reason we all feel a thousand times better when we’re sitting in the sun. Sunshine = vitamin D, something that a lot of us here in the UK are lacking in. Unlike other vitamins, your body can’t absorb enough vit D through foods alone, although you can find it in mushrooms, oily fish and eggs. Plus, from mid October to the star of April the sunlight in the UK doesn’t have the right wavelength for our skin to be able to synthesize it. So, apart from booking yourself a holiday in a very sunny climate what can you do? Try BetterYou Dlux 3000 Vitamin D Oral Spray, £7.99, or get yourself a Lumie SAD light. They emit summer levels of bright light and can help massively lift your mood amongst boost other things like concentration.


  1. Meditate

Similarly to breathing consciously, meditation can help you slow down, feel calmer and help you to switch off for a second. You might think you don’t have time to fit it into your busy day, but the proven benefits really are worth making time. Mediation reduces stress, improves concentration and memory and with regular practising you’ll have increased self-awareness and will feel generally better and much happier. If you’re finding it hard to quiet your mind, try using a mindfulness app like Headspace. It talks you through each step and lets you progress along different levels.


  1. Take A Bath

After a long, stressful day one of the easiest things you can do to make you feel better about life in general is to take a nice, long, hot bath. Letting yourself actually have time to relax is something we often forget to do but allowing yourself some me time is really important. Don’t underestimate the power of a bath. People.


  1. Treat Yourself

Doing something you love doing is always bound to boost your mood. If lube had a bad day, try treating yourself to something you know you really want or like, it could be something as small as a favourite food or it could be that pair of shoes you’ve wanted for a while. It could even be a hobby – if you love to paint, then pick up our brushes and set some time aside for you to paint. Whatever it is, give yourself a bit of a break and treat yourself.


  1. Get Your 8 Hours

You’ve probably heard of the saying ‘got out of the wrong side of the bed’ believe it or not sleep has a huge effect on mood. If you’re scrimping on your z’s you’re much more likely to feel sad, regardless of what else you’re doing or what’s happening in your day. Making sure that you get at least 8 hours every night should be something you priorities, sleep might seem like something you can just give up when you need but if you’re not getting enough sleep day in day out you’ll end up in sleep debt and won’t be able to catch up.