7 Simple Ways To Feel Glam In 30 Seconds Flat

In partnership with Pearl Drops

Sometimes life can be so busy and demanding, that we forget to give ourselves some lovin’.

Although we know it’s not always possible to feel our most glamorous selves 24/7 (despite what our Instagram feeds might have us believing), there are a few things we like to do to instantly lift our mood.

Sure, it may seem simple (and, well, perhaps little vein) but it’s amazing what a slick of lippy, or a spritz of our favourite perfume, can do for our mood.

1. Throw on your favourite pair of shoes

Some gals like to strut around (Beyoncé-style) in their go-to pair of killer heels. Others may have an expensive pair tucked in the back of their wardrobes, never having seen the pavement before.

Others might be obsessed with their ever-growing trainer collection.

Whatever floats your boat, nothing makes you feel like a BOSS like a pair of killer shoes.

2. Buy yourself some flowers 

You don’t need anyone else to treat you. Sometimes it just feels great to have some blooms on your work desk or in your bedroom.

3. Wear some nice underwear

Nobody else has to see it, but knowing it’s there can make you feel pretty empowered.

Trust us.

4. Spritz a scent you love

Sounds super simple, but just one spray of your favourite perfume can work wonders.

5. Listen to that song

We all have one, right?

That motivational track we like to blast out (and maybe sing-along to) when we’re home alone.

6. Brush your teeth 

We know you already do this twice a day, but it’s a sure fire way to get you feeling fresh in a jiffy. Especially if you’re about to head somewhere important (like a first date or an interview).

7. Add a pop of colour with a bold lipstick

Going out of your comfort zone with a bold lip can really make you feel fierce.

You just never know until you give it a go.