These Long-Lost Twins Were Reunited Across The World After Six Years Apart

There’s a mystery surrounding twins that extends beyond what was explored in The Parent Trap (the Lindsay Lohan version is the best one). Are twins linked psychically? If they’re separated at birth, do their instincts draw them together?

You hear about twins reuniting but these stories tend to be because of close proximity, this is a story of how one adopted mother gave her daughter the greatest gift of all: a sister.


The Lumpkins sisters (Aubrey and Avery) were separated one Aubrey was adopted by an American couple from a Chinese orphanage. Lisa and Gene Lumpkins, the parents, had no idea Aubrey was a twin when they brought her home.

Last year, Lisa was scrolling Facebook as you do and found a picture of a young girl, about Aubrey’s age, that was a spitting image of her adopted daughter.

In Lisa’s words: “My jaw dropped, they looked just so, so similar,” Lisa said to People. “My motherly instincts kicked in, I knew they had to be sisters or maybe even non-identical twins.”


Image credit: GoFundMe

The Lumpkins conducted a DNA test on the two and found out that they were in fact twins.

Gene and Lisa thought that having two kids would be too much effort. The’d recently discovered rock climbing as well and didn’t want to sacrifice their new hobby. Their reasoning was that there was no point in having two of the same child….

Just kidding!

The two flew Avery out and adopted her too because they’re amazing people (that might still rock climb!)

The girls are 13 now and get on like they hadn’t been separated for six years despite a big language barrier. The two daughters both have cerebral palsy but look after each other like loving sisters.

What an inspiring story, if this doesn’t make you want to go out and do some good for the world then it should at least motivate you to be nicer to your siblings!