How To Master Long-Distance Travelling

Long distance travelling can be a drag. If you’re flying from East Asia or the Americas, you’re throwing your body into a complete loop as you cross timezone after timezone. It can be a real gauntlet for your sleeping pattern, not to mention all the additional stress that comes with travelling.

If you’re travelling for work, it’s even worse. However, with a few small changes you can go from a travelling schmo to a travelling pro. Just remember that when it comes to long-distance journeys it’s actually the destination, not the journey.

Step one is to be a dictator with your suitcase. No leniency given to any luxury items, it’s not going to be easy but it’s necessary. Think about what items can be used across multiple outfits and how to bring as few toiletries as physically possible. Check out our guide to making the most with your small suitcase.


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Step two is about managing your jet-lag. You can go down all kinds of routes like tablets or light therapy gadgets but the most effective way of getting over a jumbled sleeping pattern is time. Arrive at your destination a couple of days in advance to give your body time to adjust.

You don’t want a holiday or business trip ruined because you can’t keep your eyes open at dinner – it’s not a glamorous or inventive solution but it works.


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Step three is learning the airport security process inside and out. People often forget that the security team tasked with checking our bags probably hate the process more than we do. How many times do they have to tell people that they can’t bring open bottles of water through the gates despite the billions of signs saying exactly that?

Make life easy for you and them by keeping your hand-luggage as empty as possible, avoiding shoes with laces for easy removal and wearing something without pockets to avoid any accidental metal detector mishaps.