London Weddings Now Cost The Same As Two Houses In The North

Whether you think weddings are the last bastion of romanticism in an otherwise callous world or whether you think they’re patriarchal ceremonies that should have been phased out years ago, we can all agree that they’re flipping expensive. For the former category the price tag is worth it for making the happiest day of your life memorable. For the other camp… not so much.

So yeah, the memories and signficance of the day is priceless but it’s the wedding industry that are driving people into debt. People will pay ludicrous amounts to make sure weddings are perfect and, naturally, the industry take advantage of that.

However, is £38,000 for one day so much to make anyone slip into budget mode?

The average cost of a wedding nationally is roughly £27,000. The same price as getting three years of university education, funnily enough. In London, however, that number turns to something closer to £38,666.

As The Independent calculated, you could buy two houses in Lancashire with that money. No mortgages or anything, you’d just be an unmarried couple living in two bedroom terraced houses in Burnley… you’d have one each!

We’re not saying that you should move to Burnley instead of getting married because, honestly, we wish we could spend that much money on anything but here’s something to think about… you can get married in Wales for £15,000 cheaper.

This figures come from the online wedding platform Bridebook, who studied 20,000 weddings over the last year to gauge how expensive weddings were becoming.

The biggest costs, Bridebook discovered, were venue hire and catering which totalled about a third of the total spend. Unsurprisingly, the bride’s dress was the third most expensive part of the day. On average a bride-to-be will shell out £1,268 on her gown.

Venue hiring in London, however, will bankrupt you. A day and night hiring of a venue will set you back £7,586.

Love hurts.