One Londoner Is Leaving Inspiring Messages All Over The City To Cheer Up Commuters

Working in the big smoke can be a claustrophobic and spirit dampening affair. Between cramming yourself into a heated tuna can to travel across the city and working a job you hate to pay for a flat that’s too small, bad days come around too often. We could all use a little something inspiring.

That’s why things like mindfulness, self-love and daily affirmations have had a massive surge in popularity – we need them now more than ever. London’s spirits are low but there’s one hero out there determined to make us feel even a little bit better.


I took myself for a walk, saw this note and it made me ? @notestostrangers

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Speaking to Mashable, designer Andy Leek admits that he too became a victim of the invisible, draining smog that London permeates. In fact, after a poor bout of mental health, he found a nugget of something inspiring for this new project.

Leek has been plastering up A3 posters that have positive and inspiring affirmations written on in strong, black ink with an Instagram tag below them.

Sunday funday mumday #2 #outdoorart @notestostrangers #lifegoalsupforgrabs #betterthanthefrieze

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The project started with a series of handwritten notes hidden in the Metro for people to discover across the day. 400 notes later (and hopefully 400 smiles), Leek decided to broaden his distribution with these posters.

Some are plain sweet, others, like the one below, are a crass but genuine reminder to not take life or yourself too seriously and to have more faith in you.

Quote @notestostrangers

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Leek says of the project: “Once I started I realised how much fun it is to head out into the city at night and create street art while the rest of the city sleeps. The slightly illegal nature of the project just added to the fun and sense of adventure”.

As far as anyone will tell you, putting posters like this up is a form of defacement and could land you a hefty fine. The trick is to not get caught.

The important thing is that these posters are getting a big following on Instagram and are actually making a difference in people’s lives.

The next time you feel trapped by the towering stature of the city, think about Notes To Strangers.