London Is Opening Its First Ever Crisp Restaurant

By now you must have heard the story of Cereal Killers: the Shoreditch based cereal café that took a very simple breakfast food and slapped a £5 price tag on it. Now, another restaurant has popped up using the same principles but with the noble crisp.

Crisps are truly the lifeblood of snack foods. They are highly versatile and suitable for sandwiches and maybe the only food you can order at a pub at midnight without being laughed out the place.

This month, Soho’s Old Compton Street will see the rise of HipChips, the first crisps restaurant. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding this new spot with their cryptic website offering only a slogan in lieu of any pertinent information: “Fresh chips, fresh dips”.

As The Evening Standard report, there will be plenty of premium crisp flavours available and all your favourite potatoes. HipChips will hook you up with Pink Fir, Salad Blue and Shetland Black just to drop a few names.


But what of the dips? Well seeing as this is a cool party of the capital expect see baba ghanoush, katsu curry and Moroccan yoghurt. That’s right, this isn’t some pre-drinks nibble selection!

To top it all off, there will even be “pudding” crisps on the menu which is where the potatoes are coated in sugar and cinnamon rather than salt. Sweet!

Oh yeah, all the crisps are served on a conveyor belt.

It is Soho so expect to see a great selection of craft beers and wine on the menu as well. Speaking of which, don’t swing by HipChips for a budget snack. A small portion of crisps with two dips will cost £4.50, a medium box with three dips will be £6.75, and a large box with six dips will cost £11.50.

It is quite expensive but that’s what you get for eating crisps between meals or, we suppose, for meals. What your mum say?