What It’s Really Like To Work As A Celebrity Nanny

Jet-setting, designer clothes and a whopping salary just to look after the kids? We delve deep into what life looking after a VIP baby is like...

Lexi,* 29, has been an A-list nanny for the past two years, keeping the secrets of her rich and famous boss and attending to their three little ones’ every need. This is her story…

‘It’s 9am and already I’m covered in face paint. But I’m no devoted mother; this is simply what my life is like now I look after the kids of a big celebrity family. Some people think I live a charmed
life. But it’s never glamorous being the help!

‘I didn’t mean to be a nanny, I sort of fell into it. Every day I go to work at a multi-million-pound house. There’s a squash court, swimming pool and hair salon. It all takes a little getting used to but, sadly, becomes normal when you’ve seen it for too long.

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Nanny McPhee

‘The best part of my job is the children; they’re so much fun to be around and we always have a really good time – even if they’re dressed in head-to-toe designer, right down to their gloves. I try to do normal things with them, like painting and cooking, and I try to get out with them a lot. It can be a stifling environment for them indoors, especially with the security team (who are all
pretty hot) employed by the family.

‘But then, they’ve never known anything different. It can be difficult if there are paparazzi around but, luckily, I don’t encounter that too much. With our drivers and security, though, we do get some very strange looks.

‘Often I’m just in tow with the family. Yes, it’s always awkward to be in someone’s personal space but their mother needs the help. She’s super hands-on, but they can be a lot to manage.

‘I currently work part-time, for three or four days a week, from 8am-8pm, and it’s full-on. But the perks are good. On top of my generous salary I get a daily allowance and they pay for my apartment, which is off-site. I get how lucky I am in that respect. But then, some days I’m tired, cranky and still have to deal with screaming children – I work hard for it.


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‘People also think I must be given incredible gifts all the time, but there’s less of that, though I do get a yearly bonus. One nice perk is that I get to travel with the family, so I’ve been to some ridiculously expensive, five-star locations and never paid a penny.

‘They still like to do things as a family, so getting nights off when I’m in Bora Bora can be amazing, but it does get lonely. And that’s why I won’t do it forever. It’s crazy and exciting, but
I’m always on their time and my social life has taken a hit. The entire lifestyle is ridiculous too and sadly, I’ve learned that wealthy people have no care for consequences as they’re always able to buy their way out.

‘But would I change it now? No. It pays well, it’s an experience and I get to see parts of the world I wouldn’t have seen. And did I mention that the security are all exceptionally hot..?’