Four Life Lessons Learned From Dating A Billionaire

It’s important to draw the distinction between being in a relationship with someone wealthy and being wealthy yourself. The thing is that most people that are very well-off like actors and models, tend to only date people who are similarly well-off – it’s because people date those that are in similar situations as them.

It gets very interesting when people from everyday economic backgrounds date literal billionaires. Not Richie-Rich billionaires but like actual business moguls that made it huge… we can only imagine it’s a surreal experience.

Writing for Thrillest, Sophia Glass recounts the time when she dated a billionaire twice her age when she was 22. It’s like dating no other guy – for better and, for the most part, worse. (That is, unless you’re a billionaire too).

Here is everything you need to know about dating thirty thousand times your tax bracket…

Prepare yourself for the ego

Naturally, with great wealth comes even greater arrogance. After all, successful business strategy and believing you’re God’s gift to earth go hand in hand. Sophia asserts that deep down he was a “good person” but what appears as impressive at first will eventually become mundane, especially if the person trying to impress hasn’t realised this. Simply put: “I’ll never again go out with someone who a) doesn’t let me talk and b) is so full of sh*t”.

Most of the time, it’s not about you

Why would a billionaire date a regular person, you ask? Good question. You’ve got to realise that human beings can only be satisfied for so long. No amount of money or attention can fill a void, but if you have the means to try, you will.”The billionaire had a lot of problems his money couldn’t fix and not many people he trusted to talk about them with. All those problems fell on me. And I was better than a therapist, because there was sex involved.”

You’ll be called a gold digger

Sometimes all you want is someone to pay a bit of attention to you. If that guy happens to be a billionaire, there’s obviously going to be some stigma attached.

Don’t mention it to future boyfriends too often

Most guys are insecure enough about the deadly exes let alone any mention of the words ‘yacht’, ‘mansion’ and ‘five-star restaurants’. Even if you dated the most douche-billionaire in Monopoly land, you’ve got to admit it’s a tough act to follow!