This Kitchen Hack Will Make The Cheapest Wine Taste *Incredibly* Expensive

Remember that story about when Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding, then catered for 5,000 people? Good God that guy really knew how to smooth out the creases in a party. Anyway, on the topic of wine, we’ve got just the kitchen hack for you!

Yesterday we were all about the Guzzle Buddy. A wine stopper that had an XL wine glass built into the top of it. This little gadget is putting the class back into drinking straight from the bottle.

However, it won’t do anything to make your wine taste any better.

Good wine is, generally, quite expensive. Working bar at weddings has taught me that people blindly associate price with quality.

But that’s a high class affair, when you’re down the local supermarket looking to a bottled companion to watch Saturday night telly with, spending more than a tenner is a rarity.

In a perfect world we’d give wine the respect it deserves and not settle for the cheap stuff. But this isn’t a perfect world, and most of us are broke…

However, thanks to this new wine hack, you can turn that £5 bottle/box into a restaurant worthy sample.

As HelloGiggles report, life hack expert Dan Marshall has figured out a way to put the quality back into the cheapest wine.

By pouring your wine into a blender and giving it a 30 second whiz, you’ve essentially tripled the value of your wine!

The blending, in short, serves as a express decanter and aerates which does wonders for the wine’s flavour.

Speaking to Yahoo, wine expert, Marcy Roth, said:”[This method] opens up the wine and aerates it, allowing more of the flavour and aromas to come forth and to show their most finessed polish side.”

It’s as simple as that. Now you can save yourself some money without choking down terrible wine!