Katy Perry Reveals The *Best* Way To Deal With Twitter Trolls!

Twitter is a minefield for celebrities. People masquerading as eggs take perverse pleasure in trying to abuse, harass and generally hurt real people they’ve never met. These are commonly known as trolls. Because of the differential between screen and human being, they don’t believe they’re actually hurting anyone, they think they’re just contributing to the anarchy of the internet.

You hear all the time about over-zealous fans and adversaries of celebrities writing horrible things and getting noticed online. The given advice is to not ‘feed the trolls’ but sometimes the words hurt too much.

Most recently, One Direction’s Louis and Niall have formed a united front against the trolls who somehow got hold of their personal WhatsApps and sent “disgusting” messages. They must have been bad to warrant tweeting about!

Justin Bieber has also taken dramatic action against his egregious fan-base, turning his Instagram to private after threatening to do so if the avid fans didn’t pipe down. The Canadian star wasn’t feeling that his fans were respecting his new girlfriend and decided to take some serious action.

Image credit: Rex

Image credit: Rex

Biebs and the One Direction boys need to learn how to deal with trolls better. Instead of calling them “losers” and running away from them, they should follow the given advice and not rise to the occasion.

Speaking to Mashable, Katy Perry had some words of wisdom about surviving the Wild West of Twitter. Perry recently surpassed 90 million followers on Twitter making her the most followed personality in history.

With the whole world watching, Katy Perry described her tweeting strategy saying: “I think now though, there’s a meme, a Mission: Impossible laser meme with someone trying to get through a laser. That’s what it’s like trying to tell a joke in 2016. I think everyone feels a little on edge saying anything. “

Most recently, Ellen came under fire for tweeting a joke about Usain Bolt that was interpreted as racially insensitive. Perry continues: “when you have a lot to lose you get a bit careful because the bigger you are the harder you fall. So you just kind of have to learn how to bob and weave. I think the whole world has become a little on edge over what you can and cannot say. And it’s not just me, it’s anyone.”

So, dammit people, take some responsibility for your tweets!