Japan Has A Spa With Red Wine Baths And We Need To Visit

Red wine can be used for a lot of things. It’s maybe the most multi-use liquid in existence apart from water (don’t fact check that). You can use it for cooking, drinking, ruining carpets, drinking, drinking and now, after years of speculation, you can fill a hot tub with it!

Well that’s at least what the Yunessun Spa Resort in Hakine, Japan is doing right now. Guests are given the chance to experience for themselves what it’s like to bathe in a red wine hot tub.

red wine

Image credit: Junko Kimura

The wine treatment is, unfortunately, only open for 12 days a year. As HelloGiggles observe, there’s probably good reason for this. One, because it probably costs a wheelbarrow full of money to fill a bath with red wine and two, because it would result in a mass exodus from responsibility collapsing the Japanese economy.

So is there any reason behind this apart from “because wine”? The spa claims that the resveratrol properties of red wine is rejuvenating since your skin absorbs all those friendly antioxidants.

Cleopatra regularly bathed in wine if you need some more badass justification.

red wine

Image credit: Rex

But what if you’re not into wine or you don’t trust yourself to immerse yourself in a pool of it responsibly? Well the spa also, handily, provides baths drawn of sake, coffee, chocolate, green tea and ramen.

Unfortunately, as reported by HuffPo, wine baths don’t actually offer any benefits claims the originator of the trend. But research has found that the other types of baths can do wonders for your skin.

Sake baths have the potential to remove freckles and age spots whereas the green tea baths that have proven to boost skin health and the immune system with regular exposure.

So hit up the healthy baths and then swing by the wine bath as a treat. We’d probably advise you to avoid drinking the pool water, though.