Six Times J. K. Rowling Won Twitter By Just Being A *Badass*

Currently reaping the benefits of the newest franchise release, Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, J. K. Rowling is still finding time to be the ultimate hero on Twitter. Standing up to worldwide injustices with sass and articulation, she is very much our internet saviour.

Over the years J. K. has tweeted some absolute zingers and we thought it was about time to shine some light on her second most creative endeavour.

Here are six times J. K. Rowling was an absolute Queen on Twitter and proved that she’s never been afraid to throw a few punches!

The time she defended Madonna

Remember last year when Madonna’s cape caught an updraft and sent her flying off the stage at the Brits? At the time we laughed but being the Queen of Pop, she styled it out like a pro. While we giggled initially, the trolls of Twitter took to mocking Madonna. J.K has this to say…

Sick burns

Some of these tweets don’t even need contexts to be bloody great. Take this one, for instance.

Westboro Baptist Church 

The divine vessels of hate and the scourge of Christianity, the Westboro Baptist Church are the attention hydra. The more you given them, the stronger they get. But if someone’s going to give them an ounce of time, J. K. is obviously the one to do it.

Rupert Murdoch

Born from an abscess on the devil’s back, Rupert Murdoch is enemy to all. Rowling took him down a good 10 pegs. Only 9,990 more until he’s back in the fiery depths he called out of.

Dumbledore is gay

Back in 2007 it was revealed that, canonically, Dumbledore is gay. Nine years on small-minded fans still can’t their heads around it. After seeing a tweet from a fan that read “I wonder why you said that Dumbledore is gay because I can’t see him in that way”, she responded perfectly.

Life advice

Rowling is the first person to drop off the Forbes billionaire list because of charitable donations, that’s a good life lesson in itself. Here’s another…