Is This The Secret Behind A Perfect Relationship?

Try not to get too excited, but we think may have found the secret behind everlasting love.

And it’s really very simple.

According to scientists at Toronto’s Rotman Research Institute, the ultimate sign that your partner is ‘The One’ is that you’re happy when they’re happy.

Ever find yourself smiling through gritted teeth when your other half gets a promotion at work? Or feel jealous when they receive a compliment and you don’t?

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We’re not saying your relationship is a total disaster – but it may be something to think about.

As Dr Duana Welch tells the Daily Mail: ‘Many of us tend to think we choose partners who help us work on our issues, and of course, that’s part of what happens in good relationships.

‘But science increasingly shows that we choose one another for how good they make us feel.’

According to a report in Science Of Us, researchers tested 14 women who’d been married for an average of 40 years. Their brain activity was monitored while they were shown a series of videos.

Each volunteer watched a silent 10-second clip of either her husband or a stranger conveying an emotion that didn’t match the way the video was labelled.


Overall, the women produced more brain activity when watching the videos of their husbands – but only when they showed unusually positive emotions.

When the men looked to be displaying surprisingly negative emotions, their brains showed just as much activity for both a stranger and her loved one.

So basically, if you can emphathise with your spouse you’re in good stead to go all the way. Isn’t that cute?


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Dr Duana – who wasn’t involved in the research – explains: ‘Many studies show that the happiest couples are the most emotionally interdependent.

‘That may actually be why happy couples tend to look more and more alike as the decades pass.’

David and Victoria Beckham, we’re looking at you.