iPhone’s new ‘Theatre Mode’ Is Making Cinema Fans Furious

For many of us, the cinema is the last bastion of peace in an otherwise noisy and distracting world. There’s nowhere else where you can just sit in the dark and forget about your worries, your phone and reality for two hours. Why would you want to ruin that experience with a ‘socially acceptable’ way of texting while watching a movie?

Even though cinema prices are crazy expensive and it’s widely shunned, people still can’t help but check their phones in the theatre.

According to one Apple leaker, this could be a problem of the past since the tech company plan on releasing a ‘theatre mode’ with their iOS 10.3 update…

So what exactly does this mean? Reports suggested it could make use of a technology patent Apple secured way back in 2012.

This technology describes a mode designed especially for cinemas that would disable call sounds, prevent notifications from coming in and dim the screen for anyone sitting behind them. It’s an effective way of ensuring people put their phone on silent, we suppose.

There’s even reports that cinemas would set up special perimeters that, when entered, would automatically switch your phone to this mode…

But don’t worry, as Refinery29 report, “When the user leaves the movie theatre, the portable device enables phone communications and/or restores the ringer setting to the setting utilised prior to the device’s deactivation”.

This might be all well and good for cinema-goers that are sick to death of being yanked out of the movie immersion by someone watching Snapchat stories, but it doesn’t bode well for the future of willpower.

Giving people an easy way to check their devices during a movie will just normalise the practice. Cinema attendance, despite what people are saying, is fairly healthy right now. We’re currently rising out of a depression that hit an all-time-low the mid-eighties but having people on their phones constantly might put people off going out to the movies altogether. We’re worried.

Some cinemas have very strict “if you take your phone out to text, we’ll kick you out of the movie” policies which might be too harsh. People should just learn to appreciate the escape, magic and peace of carving two hours of free time out of their weeks and enjoy the cinema again without the aid of a ‘theatre mode’.