OMG. iPhone 7 Is Now Available In RED

The iPhone 7 launched today - here's everything you can expect from the shiny new release from Apple...

Another year, another iPhone. This time though we get a fully-fledged one, not just an ‘S’ version. Not only that but we also got a brand new Apple Watch 2.

The iPhone 7 doesn’t have the big design leap we’ve seen before though, like we had from the iPhone 5 to the 6. It actually looks a lot like previous phones. There are a few cosmetic changes, of course. It’s a little slicker, the lines a tad sleeker than before.

There has to be a way for you to show you have the latest and greatest iPhone at a glance. In the iPhone 7’s case this is a range of glorious new colours to pick from.

Here is what you need to know about the iPhone 7.

1. It comes in shiny new colours

Bored of silver, grey and gold? Well there’s a whole new range of colours to choose from including a gorgeous and shiny black. Looks good from a distance but it could get covered in finger smudges as soon as you use it.

**UPDATE: It’s now available in RED. Shiny, glorious, cherry-like red. And when you buy a rouge new iPhone 7 you can give yourself a cheeky pat on the back because doing so helps a major charity out!  Every purchase contributes to the Global Fund to support HIV/AIDS programs and help deliver an AIDS-free generation. So you can do good whilst simultaneously looking good! Click here for more…

2. There are two iPhone 7s to choose from

As expected two phones were showcased, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The 7 Plus is a lot bigger thanks to a 5.5-inch screen.

There’s more differences between the two phones than just the size, though. The 7 Plus comes with a third camera on the back that lets you zoom with more quality better than ever before.

3. The cameras are way better

Samsung and LG phones have given Apple a massive run for its money when it comes to camera phones.

It looks like Apple might have done everything right this time though. The iPhone 7’s cameras should be faster, sharper and provide better colours than we’ve ever seen before. The most important aspect though is that the iPhone 7’s camera’s will work a lot better in dark environments. That’s important if you love taking snaps at night, in bars or romantic restaurants.

Expect much better quality for selfies as well as from pics taken using the better rear camera.

4. Clever photos

The iPhone 7 will come with a new Photos app that’s smarter than ever. It will group photos of the same person together in simple folders and will do the same with locations or events. It’ll make finding that one perfect holiday snap easier than ever.

5. You’ll need new headphones

The iPhone 7 no longer comes with a headphone jack. That means you won’t be able to use your traditional wired headphones with it unless you use the adapter Apple provides in the box.

Unfortunately it plugs into the Lightning port, so you can’t binge-watch your favourite show on Netflix while charging your phone at the same time. Annoying.

Apple wants us all to move to wireless headphones and is providing it’s own option called AirPods, but they look weird.

6. It’s water-resistant

If you’re anything like me then you’ve ruined more than one phone by dropping it in the bath. There’s no need to fret anymore though since the iPhone 7 can now withstand a dunk in the wet stuff.

7. The new software is curvier

The iPhone 7 will launch with iOS 10 – that’s the software that does all the clever stuff. It looks a bit different – now you get cards that pop out a bit more. More importantly 3D Touch does a lot more.

3D Touch is a recent iPhone feature that offers additional options depending on how hard you press the screen. So, for example, if you lightly press the Torch app it’ll turn on, but if you press it harder you’ll be given options to manage the torch’s brightness. Nifty.

8. Get creative with the new messaging app

Move along Whatsapp and Instagram, there’s a new messaging app in town. Well a reimagined one at least.

Apple’s new messaging app is packed full of great features. You can send cool drawings that animate when received, send 3D emoticons or even send across the track you’re listening too. It’s all very clever, but will only work with other iOS 10 users. Come on Apple, we want this awesomeness on all our friend’s phones.

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