Could You Handle This *Intense* Olympic Weightlifter’s Diet?

Being able to lift literal mountains above your head is hungry work… we can only assume. It take years of practice and a strict regime to be an Olympic weightlifter but we can only imagine how much one would have to eat to be able to cultivate the mass, again, move mountains.

Morghan King is an American weightlifter who competed in the Rio Olympics in the Women’s 48kg weightlifting. She finished sixth but broke an American record doing so by lifting 83 kilos in the snatch (that’s the firs type of lift) and then lifted 100kg (more than twice her body weight) in the clean and jerk.

Suffice to say this Olympic powerhouse needs to eat her Weetabix each morning and then some to reach this level of awesomeness.

In a great piece for Elle, King ran through her intensive weightlifters diet and how much she needs to eat a day to compete at this level… see if you can handle it.


Starting the day on lower carbs, Morghan is the kind of person to eat salad for breakfast. Lean meat thrown in with eggs, sweet potato hash, salsa verde and fruit for some much fibre and controlled carbs. This is the kind of meal that has a bit of everything in it for the perfectly balanced athlete. Morghan has only been weightlifting for the last four years and is now 30. It’s never too late to start!


King subscribes to nutrient timing which involves eating specific nutrients, like protein and carbs, in specific amounts at specific times of the day to maximise muscle development. Most training lunches involve spicy chicken, broccoli and a metric tonne of carb-loaded fruits like dried cranberries, walnuts and blueberries.

Image credit: Instagram

Image credit: Instagram


Because of the nutrient timing, Morghan’s diet is strict but is still considered quite normal in terms of content. Dinner is usually something simple like kale salad with artichokes and ground chicken. It’s not particularly intense but a weightlifter needs to consume food that will sustain energy levels and give the body all it needs to heal itself after a tough training day!