Instagram’s Best Pumpkin Carvers That Will Put Your Effort To Shame

The carved pumpkin or ‘Jack-o’-latern’ has existed in modern times since the 1800s. Its entry into the sphere of ghoulish celebrations from Ireland of all places. Since then North America have been the leaders in upping the Halloween ante year on year.

While we use the holiday as an excuse to get hammered in fancy dress, there’s no reason we can’t try to make a name for ourselves as pumpkin carvers on this side of the pond.

Instagram is filling up with talented carvers every day but don’t give up yet. Take some inspiration from the best carvings the internet has to offer.

Donald Trumpkin

Halloween has lost its spook but Donald Trumpkin has come to turn November into a living nightmare for both kids and adults. Who’s better to take the form of a pumpkin than the belligerent orange vegetable himself? Complete with rotten and decomposing insides.


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Tim Burton’s Most Profitable Month

Some might say that Christmas is Tim Burton’s busiest time of the year but Nightmare Before Christmas can be watched at Halloween as well. Especially since Halloween pretty much marks the run-up to the Winter holidays for many of us.

Say Anything

This is definitely the best project John Cusack has been involved in for a long while. (Actually that Brian Wilson biopic was pretty decent. Sorry John).

Too ambitious? ? let the carving commence! #pumpkincarving #sayanything #johncusack #teenagecrush

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Pumpkin Spice Whopper

Pumpkin Spice has taken another victim. The Autumnal flavouring got sushi so it would only be a matter of time before it jumped in more popular fast food.

Works pumpkin for a competition….. #burgerpumpkin #burger #pumpkin #halloween

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The 1st November

Vast amounts of alcohol and sweets can only end one way.

All of the emojis…

Emojis are going to be a popular costume and carving choice this year, obviously. But the poop emoji? Did it have to be the poop emoji?!

Scar Wars

With Rogue One out in a month or two, this is very #onbrand