The Amazing Instagram Account That Is Encouraging Women To Embrace Unhealthy Habits

Instagram kinda has a monopoly on the food sharing/guilt-inducing social media market. If you posted a dinner pic to Facebook everyone would be like: “Hey, is that a sonogram or poorly edited clip of political propaganda? No? Then get it out of here!” But we’re not here to talk about that, we’re going to talk about Deliciously Stella.

#EatClean has, for the most part, done a world of good for anyone looking to lose weight and generally feel better for themselves. That said, Bella Younger, comedian and Instagram royalty, wants to throw a spanner into the works by combining the virality of food posts with a little unhealthy humour…

The moral behind the clean eating satire is to highlight how standards of perfection have shifted from unattainable heights to being rubbed in your face by people you went to secondary school with and the effects of that.

Speaking to Indy100, Younger said: “”Instead of looking in a magazine and seeing a model who has been airbrushed and whose job it is to work out, we’ve got some girl who lives down the road who drinks green juice and has amazing abs and looks fantastic.”

The account was launched last year and has acted as the catalyst toward live shows and a book release!

The best news is that, for the most part, the clean eating community have embraced Bella’s upbeat view of self-love. Both Jamie Oliver and Millie Mackintosh are professed fans of the account. “I think because the account is so silly it’s not seen as a threat or as malicious or anything like that.”

There have been criticisms that harangue the account for promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. Bella responded saying: “[Stella] is very much a character – people are often surprised and ask me why I’m not drinking my Lucozade and why I’m not really overweight,” she said. “I made up this character who thinks strawberry laces are a gluten free pasta alternative, I’m not a weirdo in real life!”

You can find the Instagram here and if you’re interested in the Deliciously Stella book, click here!