The Weird Instagram Trend Involves McDonald’s And Sunsets

Have you ever been driving and seen a sunset so amazing you can’t believe it’s happening here in the UK? If you stop to look around, we actually get to see some beautiful things even living in the grey jungle that is London. Have you ever snapped a beautiful sunset juxtaposed by an everyday object? It makes for a beautiful shot.

After following the latest Instagram trend spearheaded by @Macca.Sunsets, we realise that there’s a whole community of Instagram users dedicated to curating and snapping majestic pictures of sunsets that also contain McDonalds’ golden arches.

There’s beauty in our everyday lives, we just have to find it.

The account and, subsequently, the trend is fronted by two guys from Sydney, Australia, called Ed and Pat. In a statement issued via Instagram Message to Mashable, the two asserted that they are just patrons of McDonald’s and in no way affiliated with the brand.

“We are both strangely captured by Maccas and sunsets. So it was a natural progression to make this account to celebrate the union of these two great things”.

Further proving the theory that two good things make a better thing. In this case, it makes #art.

You can't Trump a Maccas Sunset #mcdonalds #sunset #grabmaccasbythepussy

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As it stands, there’s a small and devoted following on Instagram right now. The account currently only has seven quality posts on it but one of those is a piece of fan art which is pretty encouraging.

All you have to do to get featured on the account is a nice red sky (morning or evening, there’s no preference) and a contrasted shot that makes the golden arches pop.

“We enjoy sharing that with other like minded people, and we’re stoked that it’s getting a response. The big M and the striking colours of the fading light of day, what a sight to behold”.

great submission from longtime @maccas.sunsets follower @lincstollery #mcdonalds #maccas #moody #sunset

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We suppose the account reflects the glory of hungrily seeking out a Maccies and seeing those glorious arches from a distance. What a feeling.