This New Instagram Feature Could Ruin Your Timeline Forever

Instagram have been on a roll recently with their new updates. First there was the mass hysteria caused by the Instagram stories which started off as panic-worthy and now everyone has come round to it. That was the first big timeline change.

From there the August update came which allowed users to zoom in while videoing by swiping up and down. It was hardly revolutionary and we barely notice it now but it did improve the video system especially since Instagram didn’t allow for video clips that were to one minute long before.

But now comes the newest update which includes… wait for it… Instagram Live.


Not that this is anything new, however. You might have noticed the odd Facebook notification of an old acquaintance live-streaming their breakfast. Ugh. Who cares, right?

Well now your Instagram timeline might be rife in nobodies and somebodies live-streaming every brunch, sunset and birthday they attend. It’s going to be a pain, we’re calling it now.

The Instagram live feature is being tested right now as a part of your story but we won’t know exactly how it’ll be used until it officially releases in a few weeks.

Prepare yourself for an even bigger window into people’s Instagram lives.

The other extra addition to the photo-sharing app is actually pretty useful. It gives users the ability to send temporary photos and videos to group chats and one-on-one conversations in Instagram Direct, Refinery29 report.

So it’s like sending a snap in a chat, and the photo disappears after a set amount of time. Why does that sound familiar?

It seems as if Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram are racing each other to become the one app to rule them all. We suppose if they all start absorbing each other’s features, they can effectively outmode the other. 2017 is going to be an interesting year.