21 Seriously Inspiring Quotes About Life

Whether we’ve had a bad day or are just feeling a bit unsure about where we’re headed, positive memes can really give us a boost.

Not only that, but they can make us realise how lucky we are, what we should really be focusing on and how we should be treating other people. So all in all, they’re pretty great.

We often see inspiring quotes pop up on Instagram, but it’s easy to forget their enlightening messages once we’ve put our phones down and gone back to everyday life.

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To make sure you’ve always got access to mood-perking statements, we’ve collected our favourites in one place. Here, you’ll find muses about work, friendship, body image and more.

So if you’re ever feeling a little down, just come back to this page and remind yourself of these 21 important things…

1) Never compare yourself to other people

2) It doesn’t always take much to get ahead

3) Positive body image is key

4) Be careful how you treat people

5) Things might not be as bad as you think

6) Take risks

7) Always be yourself

8) It’s time to take that leap into the unknown

9) You CAN do it

10) How every day should go

11) Wallowing gets you nowhere

12) Hard work pays off

13) We’re all queens of our own destinies

14) Don’t waste your days

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15) There’s no better time than now

16) Kindness means everything

17) You’ll get through this

18) Make the most of every moment

19) Think before you speak

20) You can’t expect everything to be easy

21) Focus on yourself