This App Uses Your Phone Camera To Make Sure You’ll Never Get A Bad Tattoo Again

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Getting a regrettably bad first tattoo is a part of growing up!

But what if there was a way to accurately know what your self-designed star sign tattoo will look like before you embed it in your skin with indelible ink? Your options now are getting it drawn on you or temporarily tattooed.

Well InkHunter is an app that allows you to use augmented reality to ‘try on’ your tattoo design! Check out their cheesy demo video below.

You can never really know what a tattoo will look like on your skin until it’s too late. The final product will probably never match what you see in your head because every tattoo artist is different and you have no idea how the ink will react to your skin.

And to some degree InkHunter doesn’t fix this problem but it gives you the closest thing to a real impression. The app includes a selection of popular designs but you can also upload your designs to be projected onto your skin through the magic of augmented reality.


If you didn’t watch the video, the app asks ask you to draw a ‘square smily’ on yourself to give the camera something to project onto. The app also has a number of after-effects to add some realism to your tattoo like a blur effect.

Currently the app doesn’t only position black-and-white designs onto your skin, the dev team have now brough colour tattoos to the app!

What’s really cool about InkHunter is that the team plan to keep the app free by charging artists to put their designs on the app. You can try on specific artists’ designs and have an incentive to seek out their contact information and hire them!

It’s a one-stop shop for all your tattoo needs!