IKEA Are Opening Their Own DIY Restaurant And It’s A Lot Like Come Dine With Me

In another attempt to stick their brand on the concept of culture, IKEA have expanded their ore further into the food industry with their new and confusing DIY restaurant. Having food cooked for you is always a treat but no-one has ever thought to turn the dinner party format into a business.

Maybe there’s a reason for that… just saying. The Swedish retailer are opening their ‘Do-It-Yourself Restaurant’ in which diners get the opportunity to be the chef for all their friends under the supervision of a head chef.

Image credit: IKEA

Image credit: IKEA

In the words of IKEA: “diners will orchestrate an intimate foodie experience in a homely kitchen environment to mimic an actual dinner party, but one where diners can host many more guests than usual”. It’s appealing to anyone, especially in London, who simply doesn’t have enough space to host people.

The Dining Club will be located in Shoreditch between September 10th and 25th. Reservations can be made for brunch, lunch and dinner online but demand is high (you’ll also need at least seven friends!

You’ll also have to prepare a good answer for the application form since it asks the classic “If you could invite any three people in the world (famous, or otherwise) to The Dining Club who would they be?”


Diners get to pick their own menu and even get to name the restaurant themselves. IKEA are pushing this idea of putting the fun back into the cooking as a group. “We bond and connect over the everyday process of cooking meals together so to celebrate this firmly held belief, we are opening the Dining Club to bring people together to enjoy a meal from beginning to end”.

As an added bonus, those looking to try some Scandinavian cuisine are in luck, you can choose from a range of sharing dishes and Scandinavian classics to incorporate into your menu!