This Is Why You *Need* To Ignore This Popular De-Stressing Diet Advice

Stress eating or “emotional eating” is the act of turning food into comfort. When your life feels like it’s circling the toilet, food will always be there for you – even if everyone tells you that a clean diet is the best way to deal with emotional situations.

But how true is that? If “everyone” says that, it doesn’t necessarily make it true. Look, we know that most terrible feelings can be helped with some healthy eating and exercise but is stress eating that┬ádetrimental to your mental and physical health?

Let’s investigate…


A recent study conducted at the University of Ohio pitted the tried-and-true burger against vegetables in a trial of effectiveness of managing stress.

It used a group of women aged around 52 and split them in two. One half ate a breakfast cooked in saturated fats, and the others ate the same breakfast cooked in sunflower oil to simulate the ‘healthy’ option.

As HelloGiggles report, the women that experienced a stressful day prior to the test, regardless which of the oil and fat groups they were in, had high marks of inflammation in their blood work – the breakfast didn’t make a difference!


So mystery solved, stress is set on ruining our lives regardless of diet, so let’s get a KFC – it’s been a hard day.

Hang on a second though, a poor diet will lead to chronic inflammation: the thing that people originally thought compounded stress.

This can develop into nasty things like heart disease and diabetes which is probably entirely more stressful than a rough day at work.


As much as we back the self-love trend and encourage you to eat what you want, it’s generally considered good to have all the facts.

So yeah, if you’re having a rough day, don’t feel guilty for eating a trough-worth of your favourite fast food but maybe hit up the gym and have a salad for lunch the next day!