You *Need* This Iced Coffee Recipe For These Long, Hot Summer Days

Can you remember not arriving at work sweating? I can’t. Summer has this weird ability to wipe our minds of what it feels like to be cold. The reason so many brits complain about the weather is because we don’t have the capacity to remember what Winter is actually like…

Summer can be draining on the body and spirit. Studies have found that we are significantly less productive during the summer months; there’s too much to be distracted by. Iced coffee is a very modern solution to the most ancient problem: not being able to concentrate while your body puts all of its resources into keeping you cool.

The fresh, sweet and perky taste of an iced coffee is what a lot of us associate summertime with. But why fork out the better part of a fiver at a chain coffee shop when you can make your own at home.

(Also, have you seen how much sugar Starbucks put in their iced drinks?!)

What’s great about making your own coffee is that you can make it your own way, save some money and fill up a flask of your brew to think throughout the day!

Here’s what you need to know about making your own:

Know your brew

Dumping hot coffee over ice and waiting doesn’t make a good ice coffee, it’s methodological. Cold brew and Japanese-style iced coffee can take up to 12 hours and involves slowly dripping coffee. If you need it on the way to work the cocktail shaker method works.

Pour double-strength coffee into a shaker with some ice and shake like you mean it for 30 seconds.


An iced-coffee beginner would opt for ice-cubes made of (pfft) water; this will only dilute the mix. To get more kick out of your iced coffee, freeze some coffee the night before! Alternatively, freeze your creamer of choice for a smoother way to take off the caffeine edge.

Image credit: Instagram

Image credit: Instagram


There’s an important distinction between iced coffee and the coffee shop frappucino. Namely, the latter features a metric-tonne of sugar and frothy texture. You can get this effect at home, without as much sugar, by adding 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or ghee to cooled coffee and then blending it with your frozen cubes of whatever.