This Antioxidant Ice-Cream Is Proven To Make You Run Faster And Live Longer

Ice-cream typically slows us down, it doesn’t speed us up. Actually, that’s an over-simplification. It usually speeds us up for a brief minute while our body processes the sugar until the combination of shame, sickness and sugar-dependence kicks in and then we’re lower than when we started.

The philosophy behind health food is to give us modified versions of the food we love that both fulfils our cravings and improves our internal well-being. While no gluten-free take on food gives the same warm, shameful feelings as the genuine article, the food is generally getting better.

So much better, in fact, that health food is actually increasing our lifespan instead of just reversing the damage!

Professor Valerio Sanguigni has developed an ice-cream recipe which has antioxidant properties, reports The Independent.

The recipe itself is pretty secret (can you blame him?) but we do know that it contains dark cocoa powder, green tea extracts and hazelnut. This is where all the antioxidant goodness is coming from!

But unlike your standard frozen cream, this one gets human testing to see if it improves the physical limits of students.

Participants tests taken before and after sampling the ice-cream and then asked to pedal like the dickens on exercise bikes. A standard chocolate ice-cream was used as a placebo on some participants – sounds like a win-win either way.

The tests found that vascular function was improved in those that got to try the new product. The low temperatures of ice-cream maintain the high levels of antioxidants which contributes to vascular function and physical performance.

The professor added: “who says health foods have to taste bad?”

Do you know what this means for the lazy community? You can literally have your cake and eat it. You can compliment your workout with ice-cream to prepare beforehand and ice-cream to reward yourself afterwards!