Ice-Cream Cone Lattes Are The Latest Coffee Trend But Have Arrived At The Wrong Time

We’ve seen some weird coffee trends over the years.  From the controversial coffee lemonade to the globally successful Pumpkin Spice Lattes, there’s no limit to how big this fancy coffee bubble can get before we switch back to being tea drinkers.

With that being said, nothing could have prepared us for the intrigue, the shock, the horror, of the ice-cream cone lattes. Like a hipster gift from the heavens, this latest coffee trend has arrived just as summer comes to a close, for some reason.


This foodie fad is throwing the traditional and archaic paper cup in the metaphorical trash to make room for a much more sensible hot drink receptacle: a waffle cone.

Maybe too many people were sick of not being able to eat their paper cups at the end of their coffee (because they’re not goats) but this trend has been growing in popularity for about half a year now.

Nobody knows who first created this revolutionary way of consuming coffee but The Grind Coffee Company in South Africa claim to be the first… with pride, surprisingly.

Koffie in 'n cone…. Jy is jaloers…. Life changing amazing! #coffeeinacone #coffee #thegrindcoffeecompany

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You might be the kind of coffee drinker that hates tradition. Maybe your parents drank out of cups all their lives and you’ve come to resent them for that. Either way, going in you need to be aware that, like love, the coffee cone never lasts.

The Independent report that the standard-issue lattes in a cone last about four minutes before you’re licking frothy milk off of your forearms trying to claw back some dignity.

Check out a handy report on The Grind Coffee Company below in case the concept has gone way over your head. They do look pretty delicious to be honest.

Keep an eye on Instagram for the next coffee trend. They take about six months to reach fruition so I’m predicting lattes drank out of hiking boots for April 2017.